What Doors May Open

Author: K’sChoiceofAFI
Summary: Rachel comes out as gay after dumping Finn. People slowly start to find out and, when Head Cheerio, Quinn Fabray finds out, Rachel knows her life will never be the same again.

"No, Finn. People don’t turn gay—we’re born that way.” 

I know I already rec’ed this, but I feel that it deserves its own post.

I love the Finchel-Bromance here. I stand by my opinion that Rachel and Finn would only work as a fabulous bromance, through their entire relationship on the show it shows that they can have an amazing relationship (Rigging the duets competition so Quinn and Sam would win comes to mind).

The thing I love about this story is that the approach towards Faberry was very organic. The mutual exploration between the two of them, the confusion, the “are we/are we not”, taking the next step together…it’s all very real compared to the instant together-ness most stories have.

Read it, you’ll love it :)

America, She’s Beautiful

Author: K’sChoiceofAFI
Summary: She walked in with long curly blonde hair, hands clasped behind her back, and a red smile, and all Rachel wanted to know was why large, burly men were following her everywhere. She walked in to find an ordinary brunette to strike up an argument with, and all Quinn cared about was that Rachel hadn’t the slightest clue who she was

"Please refrain from snapping your fingers at me. I am not a pet.” 

OK. I am very excited about this story!!

Even from the beginning, I am in love with Rachel’s personality here. This Rachel is what she should have grown up as. It reminds me of a refined SeasonONE!Rachel while Quinn here is playful without losing her HBIC-self.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I promise this will be a fantastic one, I can feel it!

Anonymous said: There's this fic I've read before but I can't remember the title or author. All I remember is that it starts off with young!Rachele living at the Fabrays for a little while because one of her dads is at the hospital. She and young!Quinn/Lucy eventually become friends but young!Rachele moves to Lima where she meets young!Britanna. I think it has the word, "World" in the title.

Could this be possibly it?

The Treasured World of Quinn and Rachel by Jubella

Anonymous said: Can you recommend any good one shots? Faberry centered?

One shots. Definitely!

i can float without wings by possibilist

This story is very heartwarming. Possibilist has a very poetic, lyrical writing and sets a romantic mood. I suggest reading the rest of possibilist's work because they're all amazing!

Hazelnut Coffee and Rachel Berry Hugs by carryonemywaywardchild

Something short and sweet, and very much open to continuation!

Apples and Cherries by ElsBells

I guess this can be thought of as the beginning of Faberry before Ryan Murphy put his claws on Glee? ChildhoodFriendsFaberry ftw.

So Let’s Skype, Tonight by tothineownselfbetrue

Because if Rachel and Quinn were together in Glee, this would happen.

These are just the most recent ones that I’ve read. But I hope you like them!

Best. Tony Awards. Ever.

Author: Quatorz
Summary: Santana Lopez wondered if anyone (who wasn’t in show choir) actually watch the Tony Awards. She didn’t even know they were on until Berry told her. 

Oh right: Berry.  Santana was proud of the little spud too. 

Maybe I have a lot of my life invested into the Faberry fandom…but Quatorz had me at the edge of my seat. 

Spoken from Santana’s POV, this story shows the growth of Rachel Berry while still maintaining that essence we witnessed during the Pilot. 

I love this story. I literally just finished reading it; I’m speechless.

The Whole Nine Yards

Author: zigzag.zippers
Summary: McKinley High school’s biggest dork Rachel Berry will get Head Cheerleader Quinn Fabray to notice her. And that new Football Coach Shannon Beiste might just be able to make all of her plans come true.

For a chance to get to know Quinn Fabray, she’d do anything. 

Ok. I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet!!! I’m SORRY.

This story has it all! SAMCHEL-BROMANCE!! Football!Rachel. Dorky, romantic, nerdy Rachel!! Lemon!Quinn. 

There are no words to describe this amazing, lovable story.

Please tell zigzag.zippers how great this is and ask for more chapters…but be subtle about it!! (or not)

Still Off the Key of Reason

Author: ElsBells
Summary: Quinn is thundering her way through vet school. Rachel is enlightening the west coast with her talent. The story continues with a wedding, dogs in tuxedos, and Pooh Bear vows. Crazy never fades.

Hippos are born underwater.” 

The sequel to the loveable Just Off the Key of Reason.

Although we still love adorable!Quinn, I love that she’s maturing. I felt that JOtKoR was about Rachel growing up making room for another person in her life while this story focuses more about Quinn’s progression and how she becomes a person that is needed by someone. 

The two continue to have their amazing relationship, supporting one another, but this is about their marriage; their life together. Plus, *gasp* fights with one another, how do they manage that?! 

I love this. Read it. 

This teaches you how to LOVE, LAUGH, and LIVE!

Anonymous said: Can you suggest some awesome COMPLETED Faberry fics? And before you do, I've already read Should Have Asked For Directions, Deux Ex Machina, Sometime Before Midnight & Beautiful When You Don't Try. Thanks! :)

OMG. Ok. These are some of the ones that I can read over and over again and not get tired of it :)

Title: Take Me As I Am Season 3
Author: JewWitch
Summary: The continued adventures of Quinn & Rachel as the starring couple of Glee. Some integration of canon events, but mostly this is the story of Faberry and their world! Klaine & Brittana co-star in supporting roles.

"Quinn, what…what happened to you? Why didn’t you tell me? Are you all right?” 

This is more in line with the show (read Take Me As I Am Season 1 & 2 first). I love this because this is the GLEE that we were supposed to have. I don’t care what anyone else says, THIS IS THE CANON!

Title: What Doors May Open
Author: K’sChoicesofAFI
Summary: Rachel comes out as gay after dumping Finn. People slowly start to find out and, when Head Cheerio, Quinn Fabray finds out, Rachel knows her life will never be the same again.

"No, Finn. People don’t turn gay—we’re born that way.”

I love this story. Everytime I watch the show and Finchel is on…I always think that they would have an awesome bromance than a relationship. K’sChoiceofAFI writes an incredible Finn, a likeable supportive bro, and the relationship of Rachel and Quinn has that confusing teenage vibe that many stories ignore. There’s no magical maturity of Quinn instantly accepting her feelings for a female. It’s a believable progression between two people.

Title: The Impossible Takes A Little Longer
Author: Heuristic
Summary: Unable to resist a challenge Rachel now has to persuade Quinn to go out with her not just once but four times..

"I was merely saying that nothing is impossible if you want it enough"

I love it when authors write Faberry when both are surprised by their feelings for each other. This is just a wonderful romantic story (that should be a movie…just saying).

Title: Four
Author: animatedbrowneyes
Summary: As the six remaining Lorien teenagers hide across the globe, Number Four arrives in Lima, on the run, and finds something she’s never experienced before with one Quinn Fabray; love.

"Rachel Berry. I picked a name from that nonsense sitcom you like, along with a type of fruit. It’s an unconventional and unique pseudonym if I do say so myself."

How many times have I whored out this fic?

It’s I AM NUMBER FOUR but Faberry. Yes. I’ve never read the books so this is my IANF headcanon. If you want Romantic!Rachel here she is to ruin any real-life romantic partners to come.

Hope you enjoy this list! But feel free to browse the LIBRARY for more, I do try to tag the completed ones.

perpetualteenager said: Can you please recommend some very good Faberry fics, with lots of drama and angst, hopefully with happy ending, that’s more inline with the show, like take a storyline of the show and goes with it, maybe where Quinn’s in love with Rachel without realizing it until it’s too late, maybe it takes off after Rachel telling Quinn that Finn proposed, can be in the future too where they somehow found each other again, not AU,not NC-17 fics, R rated is okay, and hopefully completed. Thanks!

Okay. Wow. I hope I give you some awesome answers. People out there, also help if you can!

Title: The Art of Boxes
Author: possibilist
Summary: 'Quinn thinks of gardenias growing through her eyes, and she thinks thinks of her childhood jewelry box: open it slowly enough, and the ballerina would spin for what seemed like forever.' 
[In Progress]

I personally love this story and the writing style of this author (I’ll post more of possibilist in the very near future). This explores the post-Season 3 world. Finn and Rachel are already apart, but Quinn feels very insecure when Finn appears. I’m containing my squee about this fic.

Title: From New York to New Haven
Author: faberrylovingklainer
Summary: College is hard. It’s even harder when you’re dealing with a break up, sometimes all you need is a friend, but what if they turn into something more?
[In Progress]

IDK. I haven’t read this yet, but it seemed to be in line to what you’re asking for?

Faberry shipmates! Let’s go on a treasure hunt to find fics like this! :D

The Progression of a Relationship As Seen Through A Series of Social Occassions

author: antipamphlet
summary: In which, at a mutual acquaintance’s dinner party, Rachel Berry first meets Quinn Fabray, and feels the first sting of attraction. Unfortunately Quinn is rather oblivious…

'The way Rachel Berry's eyes widened and her mouth curled into an 'oh' as her friend stepped into the room, couldn't spell out anything but attraction, and therefore trouble.'  

Maybe it’s because I’m a science major and I’ve been obsessively watching Big Bang Theory and definitely digging the Sheldon/Penny ship…but science!Quinn is one of my biggest UNF! (or maybe it’s just the power of Agron)…a little jerk!Quinn appears as well. 

Nonetheless, I love this story. It shows a relationship. How there has to be a give and take, the reactions of the circle of friends, how being with someone else changes a person…

Please read this. And tell antipamphlet to hurry with Part 3!

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